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Perineum Massage Oil

This Oil is designed to please and please all areas of the body, with its gentle and effective campaign of pressure and sensation, the Perineum massage Oil is ew-extended potency and is designed to intelligent women and girls. It is conjointly cross-gender friendly, being ecologically friendly and specially for women.

Weleda Perineum Massage Oil Canada

This Perineum massage Oil grants a blend ofand oil, it's a natural, trauma-free Oil that can be used on the whole of your body, or only specific areas need specific care. This Oil is deep and smells amazing! It feels amazing and feels good on the skin, it is trauma-free and comes with an 1 ml bottle. The perineal massage Oil is for enthusiasts who are interested in improving their sexual partner's "perineum", the Oil is produced from 100% pure, cold-pressed, olive Oil that is then heated to a hot temperature until it becomes a liquid. The Oil gives a fruity, peppery taste and is said to be beneficial for stone formation and skin re-acclimation, Perineum massage Oil is an unique, intensely scentless, and lightweight Oil that can be used for massage. It offers a gentle, guidance feeling that is first-rate for combined massages with hands and hands-on massage tools, the packaging is simple and sleek, leaving you with little reason to second thoughts about your first try? Do not attempt this Oil on your own. The chemicals and textures of other oils and massages may block its performance, try other oils, or a different massage tool. This 50 ml bottle of Perineum massage Oil is designed for use only during pregnancy, it is produced with a blend of 100% organic, cold-pressed fruits and vegetables to help keep your skin hydrated and your body feeling healthy. Additionally, it’s rich in natural and organic oils, which will help keep your skin hydrated and your body feeling healthy.