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Massage Oil Candle

Introducing the newest addition to our massage Oil candles: luxurious sensual massage Candle all natural pure earth 6 oz, this beautiful Candle is filled with all-natural pure earth to provide your partner with delicious luxurious sensual massage service. With 6 oz, of absolutely unique massage Oil candles, you're sure to have the time with your delicious friend.

Scented Massage Oils

Looking for a relaxing and massage? Don't search more than our scented massage oils! Our wm Candle is prime for creating a relaxing andbathing spa experience for couple's loved ones, our wm Candle is a refreshing and invigorating massage Oil that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. This erotic massage Oil Candle is designed to feel amazing everything about your body, from your genitals to your discussed areas, the body moisturizer and analgesic smells of this massage Oil make it beneficial for use on a pillow or pillow case. This massage Oil imparts been designed with both sexual and general lubricant use in mind, the massage Oil can also be used as an anal lubricant. The massage Oil Candle is a sterling alternative to get a massage on the body, this Candle can be used to help dry up your skin, or help with the colder weather. The Oil is likewise unequaled for taking up space on the skin and making it feel healthy and soft, looking for a luxurious and refreshing massage Oil candle? Look no more than soy massage Oil mood candles with pheromones! These candles have 6 scents to choose from and 4 oz tin for a long-lasting project. Plus, the unique pheromones will make your massage Oil feel even more luxurious.